Combatting The Winter Blues and Recovering Quickly From Those Work Xmas Do’s!

Nov 2021 | Tanning, Vitamins

Now we all know that what we really want this time of year is to be transported somewhere hot and exotic * for that Vitamin D boost (and cocktails on the beach!) but for many of us that’s not an option, so how else can we keep the feel-good factor that the summer months bring?

As we lose another hour of daylight and the cold sets in, we all feel our mood drop that little bit, so here at Brown and White Salon, we are keeping the sunbeds extra warm and have a new range of tanning creams including the gorgeous smelling Coconut Crush available in bottles or sachets for those Pina Colada holiday feels and the new 24K with Carrot Oil for that extra bronze.

With amazing offers on, including our weekly unlimited minutes priced at just £24.00 or a 60-minute course at £30.00 and, open Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm and Saturdays from 9am to 6pm, we’ve got you covered.

Want more to help combat and keep at bay the mood zapping Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Then how about one of our Vitamin Jabs or IV Drips.

The B12 Injection offers benefits including increased energy, healthier mood, reduced fatigue, and stronger immunity.

Priced at £30.00 per injection or £175.00 for the full course.

Or how about trying The Biotin B7 Injection, (Owner Anges favourite), which is great for promoting healthy nails, skin and hair?

Priced at £50.00 per injection or £175.00 for the full course.

Our range of IV Drips priced at £199.00 per IV Bag include:

  • The Energy Booster which contains all of the Key Energy Boosting Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids helping to combat anxiety and fatigue as well giving you that Kickstart!

Or if you’ve overdone it at your Works Xmas do why not swing by for a speedy recovery with our

  • Hangover Cure IV which hydrates you rapidly leaving you refreshed and re energised.

More IV Drips are listed on our website.

With the lack of Sun in wintertime UK, you could always top up your Vitamin D with a supplement. We have a range available for retail priced at £5.00.

*If you are fortunate to be leaving the UK don’t forget that we offer all the relevant Covid 19 travel test needs. Contact – Brown and White – Aesthetics Beauty Hair Tanning Covid 19 Testing (

While on the subject please be safe in the knowledge that the team here lateral flow test 3 x a week.