We would like to introduce our Aesthetician - Amy Covington  & AngIE boyd

Amy is an Anti Wrinkle Injection Specialist . Both Angie Boyd and Amy carry our fillers. 

Lip Flip, Botox above the top lip to smooth smoker lines and turn the lip out slightly £100

Cheek augmentation using dermal filler 1ml each ckeek is the usual amount. Starting from £300

Under arm Botox to stop sweating starting from £350

Botox to the back to aid sweating starting from £300

Chin Botox to assist with dimples and creases on the chin £140

Follow Amy  @amy_covington_aesthetics

Follow Angie   @brown_white7577

Nefertiti neck lift Botox to the neck to tighten and lift the neck and restore a youthful appearance £200

Jawline Botox to give a more feminine appearance to the jaw also helps with grinning of teeth and lock jaw £240 


Nose augmentation with dermal filler starting from £200


Botox to under eye to open and widen the eye £100

0.5ml of Lip Filler £95 & 1ml £170

1 area of Anti Wrinkle Injection £100, 2 areas for £150, 3 areas for £185


For dates and times Amy will be at Brown & Whites please see our Facebook page. Amy holds two clinics a week at Brown & White.


Angie Boyd is available at the salon Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm


(Please note: Amys services are cash payment only. All client queries should be directed to the Aesthetician. All services carried out are the responsibility of the instructed Aesthetician not Brown & White Salon

Services carried out by Angie Boyd is under company liability of SPMU & Aesthetics Limited. Amy Covington has individual personal liability cover.

For full details, please give us a ring on 01206 767171 or just pop in and see us.

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Brown and White Tanning Salon, based in Colchester, Essex are experts in tanning safely. We have a range of top end products to assist your tanning experience including the full range of Australian Gold tanning creams as well as Pro Tan and also Playboy. Along with the latest in tanning technology...


Full Body Massage (60 mins) - £40.00 Massage is a luxurious treatment that takes away the everyday stresses for an hour of deep relaxation Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 Mins) - £20.00 A relaxing massage using luxury oil that concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders...


Aromatherapy is an ancient therapeutic treatment that enhances well being, relieves stress and helps in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body. 
Express Facial  - Your skin will be cleansed and a skin analysis carried out followed by exfoliation...

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Brown and White Tanning Salon in Colchester are experts in tanning safely. We have a range of top end products to assist your tanning experience along with the latest in tanning technology in terms of tanning booths and spray tan services. We use White to Brown spray tanning products to ensure only the highest standard of spray tan is available. We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer's tanning experience to meet their every need.

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