Rapid Inhouse Multiplex PCR Testing

When the requirement is for infectious disease testing, every minute counts to inform treatment decisions and slow the risk of transmission. Having rapid multiplex PCR testing at the point of need can make life better for millions of people. Here at 15minutecovidtest.co.uk we have adopted state of the art technology to deliver exactly that.

Portable and simple to use, the Q-POC™ platform is a rapid multiplex PCR testing system that delivers fast, accurate and actionable results in approximately 30 minutes at the point of need, to those who need it most.

It is no longer necessary to wait hours or days for test results. The Q-POC™ platform compresses an entire molecular diagnostics laboratory into a single device requiring one minute hands-on-time, with results in as little as 30 minutes.

The Q-POC™ platform has been engineered to limit the need for highly skilled operators. The software is designed with the simplicity and familiarity of smartphone and tablet interfaces. Each test requires only one minute hands-on-time and up to 30 minutes development time.

1 minute...

Collect mid-nasal swab. Place in collection tube. Close cap & mix.

20 seconds...

Transfer sample into cassette. Residual sample remains for reflex testing.

Up to 30 minutes...

Insert into Q-POC™ and test will run automatically

30 seconds...

Review, print results.

Clear, simple test results are automatically generated by sophisticated software algorithms, removing any complicated interpretation of the result. With the Q-POC™ platform, no indeterminate results are produced only positive, negative or invalid results, allowing clear and easy reporting.

No more waiting for your PCR result…

Receive your fast, efficient and accurate PCR rapid test result in around 30 minutes!

For more information about the ground breaking, rapid PCR testing system we are using, please feel free to watch the manufacturer’s promotional video.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.